STREET ACTION ALERT: Activists March by the Hundreds in South Central LA

WHAT: Hundreds of parents, school children, union teachers from several schools and Occupy LA activists to march against impoverishing school cuts.

WHERE: 1156 E. Vernon and Central Ave. LA

WHEN: TODAY! Monday Feb 13, 2012 3:00 PM

WHO: Parents Committee David Roberti Early Educational Center.

Contacts: Javier Rodriguez 

MEDIA ADVISORY- for Monday Feb 13, 2012

  • On the eve of a school board vote to close 106 Early Education Centers in poorest areas of LA County, in crucial fight, parents, union teachers, children and activist march by the hundreds in South Central LA.
  • The parents say the inhuman move by the LAUSD School Board will affect tens of thousands of children and school union employees, as well as dig into the income of their working class families, further impoverishing the neighborhoods.
  • The overwhelming majority of poor children, regardless of ethnicity or legal status, who receive an early education are most likely to succeed and graduate from high schools and colleges and realize their dream “for a better life”.
  • Although the root of the problem lies with the 1% super rich who don’t pay their fare share of taxes or pay nothing at all in America, the cuts, totaling $560 million are part of the government’s assault on public services
  • Parents have also begun talks on the possible occupation of their children’s school, as they did successfully for three months in 1995, at Roberti Early Education Center on Vernon Ave.
  • The parents respectfully request that all media help them spread the word.

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