Sign Up for March 5, 2012

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  1. Dorothy Knable on said:

    Glad this is happening. Thank you for doing it, Unions, Occupy. Do you have someone to speak on the CA Disclose Act? Yes, we,re going again in Assembly. David Schmidt ‘s number: 415-971-5201. from Dorothy Knable, Sacramento Area Coordinator, The CA Disclose Act, the bill to show who’s REALLY paying for all political ads.

  2. I am not sure about the march – I would like to march some of it, drive people to catch up, let my car be part of the support, etc.

  3. Tanya Smith on said:

    All aboard for Sacramento!

  4. sara hicks-kilday on said:

    My partner, Russell Kilday-Hicks and I plan to march at least part of the time, one of us all the time. We need to coordinate child care, and are trying to figure out a support plan. We both hope to join the trip from Davis to Sacramento. One of us may need to go back and forth to the Bay Area to be with our son some of the time. We do not want to leave him five days, and hope he’ll join for some. We’ll be at the 5PM Saturday meeting.

  5. Brenda Revsen on said:

    I beleive that this struggle can be won with this continued
    direct actions

  6. Hali Hammer on said:

    I’m ready to roll, but what time will we be rolling and from where? I haven’t heard anything since I signed up for the bus.
    Also, any ETD for coming back to the Bay Area? I have tentative plans for that night which I can change if we’re coming back late, but I’d like to know. – Thanks, Hali

  7. Luis Daniel Rueda on said:

    no option for Coming back on same day! thats wierd???

  8. Martha Chandley on said:

    I plan to be at the rally at noon, I’m not up for the march. I would like to stay for the nonviolent direct action training, but I don’t know if I can hold up for that. I’m a 72 year old who wants to “stand” (sit in my walker chair) in solidarity with students on the other side of my BA, MA, two years of seminary, and one year of ARC gerontology studies. Blessings to all for the cause.

  9. Josh Mac on said:

    Hello Everyone!
    I am a student at Cal State Los Angeles and following a very successful turnout to our March 1st action and occupation people gathered and expressed their wish to take this to the next level and go to Sacramento on March 5th. However our student government busses are planning on leaving the capitol to head back to LA at noon!!! they want nothing to do with the massive actions that will be going on throughout the day. They only want to go up there because all the other student governments are doing it, they have no desire to enact change through direct action or even value democracy in making this decision.
    Is there any way we can accommodate us with transportation that will allow us to stay and participate??? please reply or email me directly.
    [email protected]

    In struggle,
    Josh Mac

  10. Manuel on said:

    Where and when does the bus leave?

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