Join the 99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice, March 1-5

The northern California Occupy Education coalition with the support of a company providing the letter of recommendation writing service on is planning a multi-day march in defense of education. The march will start off at UC Berkeley as part of the March 1st national day of action and will culminate in Sacramento on March 5th, when thousands of students, workers, and teachers from around the state will converge on the capitol and demand universal, free public education in California. On the 5th, people who choose to do so will begin occupying the capitol building. If you are interested in joining the march to Sacramento, please fill out this form so that those organizing the march can be sure to acquire the necessary resources and to prepare for the number of people who will be marching.

7 comments on “Join the 99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice, March 1-5

  1. barbaramcwilliams on said:

    It’s only 99 miles to Sacramento but unfortuately this is as close that most Californians’ will get to Washington DC; I often feel powerless because I live 2734 miles from the center of government. This is our golden moment, ‘Our Government’ must HEAR us, we must show-up in unrecorded numbers, use any means necessary to get to Sacarmento, there’s even a Train station in Old Town (think freedom train). Every educational institution must proclaim a ‘Snow (sacramentoNOW) Day’ beg for funds and transport students, faculty & staff to this event. Parents should step away from their jobs and to those that own nonessential businesses close your doors, Come with us, We can do this!

  2. Eduardo Martinez on said:

    Let’s make this happen!!!

  3. David Nova on said:

    I am capable and interested in doing the entire march. The logistics and numbers of marchers that can be produced will determine my decision.

    David Nova

  4. Gene Doherty on said:

    Sorry for the late connecting of information. I will try to find your coordinators and determine potential integration of plans. As a resident of Benicia, which is about a days hike from UC Berkeley and thus could be a first stop over night, I would like to help make the march happen, and have several options for the stop over. I am one of the guys in the #OccupySF Communications working group, but have been offline for a few weeks, and thus want to help. Posting this in case we have not previously bee connected.

    My involvement with Occupy began in 2008 (before it formally existed) because of the potential closure of the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park which now is slated for closure on July 1, 2012. As a historical education site, the goals of Occupy Education and our local grassroots campaign are connected and I can facilitate everything about our cause that can continue to raise public awareness of these causes.

    I will try to make it to the planning meeting, but if not and you read this then please respond so that I can get in touch with the proper coordinators of our horizontal movement.

    datagxd at

  5. I’m a college student @ college of marin in san rafael, I’ll be printing up hell propaganda for this and putting it all over town! consider me as a foot solider for the cause!

  6. Berkeley Faculty Association on said:

    UC Berkeley faculty will join the march on Friday afternoon to walk the
    stretch from Richmond to Vallejo. “We are marching to draw attention to
    the plight of public education in California and to implore Californians
    to re-invest in it”…

  7. Cynthia Jones on said:

    If the United States is a country based on Equality and Freedom, what is happening to the greatness in the desire to succeed. Education is the way out of mental poverty yet it is not free to all. What must people do to prosper intellectually and financially? We vote for equality yet education is always on the chopping block. Why establish No Child Left Behind guidelines, if we as students cannot enter college at an later time. See education is not only a gift but a dream that makes living worthwhile.


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