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The meeting will be held with the partner https://writing-service.org/

California (Arcata, Occupy Humboldt State)

California (Berkeley High)

California (Los Angeles Mom)

California (Riverside, Inland Empire)
California (Riverside, Occupy UCR)

California (Sacramento and March)

California (San Francisco)
California (San Francisco Bay Area)

California (San Francisco, East Bay Colleges)

Massachusetts (Amherst, U Mass)
Massachusetts (Boston, Occupy Emerson College)

Nevada (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
New York (New York City)

New York (Poughkeepsie, Vassar College)

North Carolina (Occupy NC State University)

North Carolina (Occupy NC State University 2)

Ohio (Ohio State)

Texas (U of Texas at Arlington)
Washington (Seattle)

Washington (DC)

Nationwide (Occupy Colleges)
Nationwide (The Combined Feed)

Note: If you have made videos or pictures of the March 1 or March 5 actions and want to make them available freely to the public, please send the links or pics to or , tweet to @occupy_ed or @occupyedca, or fill out a nationwide website form or a California website form. The grassroots media published on this website represent the diverse views of the 99% (or even the 1%) appearing in or covered by the media, not necessarily the consensus position of Occupy.

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