University of California at Davis Funeral Action on March 1, 2012

Here are some photos from the University of California at Davis funeral for public higher education action on March 1, 2012.

Eric Hays reports: “It rained lightly, which set the mood perfectly, but turnout was rather light — perhaps fifty people. It was a good production though, with an excellent bagpipe player and drummer, pallbearers, and about fifty black clad mourners. Local media were present en mass, and cops were either absent or very discrete.”

Occupy Stanford to Present Letter

“The Occupy Stanford group that has kept vigil in Meyer Library since fall will present an open letter during the Occupy Education California rally at UC-Berkeley tomorrow…”, Occupy Stanford to Present Letter, The Stanford Daily, March 1, 2012.

Special Day of Action Portal

Check out the special Day of Action Portal with hot news feed, live videostreaming, and tweets!

New March 5 Posters and Flyers, Signs for March 1-5

New March 5 Posters and Flyers, Action Signs For March 1-5
Download! Duplicate! Distribute! Educate! Agitate! Occupy!

Occupy Education NorCal Nonviolent Action Agreement for March 5th

Passed by the General Assembly on 26 February 2012:

The Occupy the Capitol action planned for March 5th in Sacramento, California will be a mass, nonviolent action.

Those involved in its organization will not engage in acts of property damage either inside or outside the capitol and do not condone such acts.

Decisions about tactics will be made democratically.

Statement in Support of Arrested Sudanese Students

The OccupyEducation NorCal General Assembly passed a resolution in support of arrested Sudanese students on Saturday, 18 February.

For more info go here.

STREET ACTION ALERT: Activists March by the Hundreds in South Central LA

WHAT: Hundreds of parents, school children, union teachers from several schools and Occupy LA activists to march against impoverishing school cuts.

WHERE: 1156 E. Vernon and Central Ave. LA, CA 90011

WHEN: TODAY! Monday Feb 13, 2012 3:00 PM

WHO: Parents Committee David Roberti Early Educational Center.

Contacts: Javier Rodriguez 213-909-3410

MEDIA ADVISORY- for Monday Feb 13, 2012

  • On the eve of a school board vote to close 106 Early Education Centers in poorest areas of LA County, in crucial fight, parents, union teachers, children and activist march by the hundreds in South Central LA.
  • The parents say the inhuman move by the LAUSD School Board will affect tens of thousands of children and school union employees, as well as dig into the income of their working class families, further impoverishing the neighborhoods.
  • The overwhelming majority of poor children, regardless of ethnicity or legal status, who receive an early education are most likely to succeed and graduate from high schools and colleges and realize their dream “for a better life”.
  • Although the root of the problem lies with the 1% super rich who don’t pay their fare share of taxes or pay nothing at all in America, the cuts, totaling $560 million are part of the government’s assault on public services
  • Parents have also begun talks on the possible occupation of their children’s school, as they did successfully for three months in 1995, at Roberti Early Education Center on Vernon Ave.
  • The parents respectfully request that all media help them spread the word.

Sign Up for March 5, 2012

Join the 99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice, March 1-5

The northern California Occupy Education coalition is planning a multi-day march in defense of education. The march will start off at UC Berkeley as part of the March 1st national day of action and will culminate in Sacramento on March 5th, when thousands of students, workers, and teachers from around the state will converge on the capitol and demand universal, free public education in California. On the 5th, people who choose to do so will begin occupying the capitol building. If you are interested in joining the march to Sacramento, please fill out this form so that those organizing the march can be sure to acquire the necessary resources and to prepare for the number of people who will be marching.

Occupy Education Curriculum Ideas

Teaching Activities in preparation for March 1st National Day of Action in Support of Public Education and Social Services.

This is a call to work together, but it is up to each school to determine its activities.

Members of the Outreach Workgroup of Occupy Education Northern California hope teachers and students will spend time during the weeks preceding March 1 teaching and learning about the problems facing teachers and students, and planning classroom and school-wide activities for March 1. We also hope you will follow the progress of the march to Sacramento and the convergence of activists in Sacramento on March 5.

Poster project: Occupy Education NorCal is organizing a poster project for Bay Area K-12 students. Students will create posters for the March 1st National Day of Action in Support of Public Education and Social Services. We call on K-12 teachers to support and promote this effort.

12″x18″ or larger POSTER or 8.5″x 11″ FLIER design
TITLE to include March 1st National Day of Action
Possible Slogans:
Tax the Rich, Fully Fund Education, No More Budget Cuts, Students Deserve Better, Fully Fund Public Schools Education is a Right

Colors, design, layout and graphics should be created by the student artists

Deadline: February 21st (or sometime before March 1st ) so that the posters can be used to publicize the event at your school sites or in your districts. The Outreach Committee of Occupy Education NorCal is working on a plan for displaying the posters at regional actions on that day.

Lesson plan ideas:
Students brainstorm community services that they think are important make posters promoting saving these services. Examples could include: parks, fire stations, hospitals, and of course quality schools
Math: Students create graphs showing budget cuts over the last 10 years. A good website to get this data is:
Social Studies: Students read about and/or videos about social movements in the past, particularly struggle featuring student participation. Some great resources for this are “Eyes on the Prize” segments about the fight to de-segregate schools in the 1950’s, the book Kids on Strike about youth strikes for child labor laws, and CFT website on Oakland General Strike in 1946. Si se puede:
Janitor strike in L.A., Click, clack, moo, Cows that type

Some web resources:

Occupy Education website:

An interactive game where students have to try to balance the federal budget:

For older students a great, comprehensive overview of what has happened in CA with funding/revenues, very liberal politics:

Great materials about the Oakland General Strike from the CFT website:

Lesson plan on “Save the Library!”:

K-8 teachers Check out the following two resources presenting ideas behind occupy to young children

Octopi: A Children’s Zine for Understanding the Occupy Movement