Occupy Education California General Assembly Minutes for December 17, 2011

Occupy Education California General Assembly Minutes for December 17, 2011

Anything voted on and decided is highlighted in BOLD.

As a reminder…

Next meeting – January 7th – 12noon – UAW 2865 office
Coordinating Committee Conference call – Dec. 29th 5pm Thursday

# present 75 -85

(facilitators Melissa/Jay)

1) Re-cap of last meeting –
Call for Day of action – March 1st that builds for day of action on March 5th in Sacramento (call for Occupation) – Capitol Meeting and Banks
+ March to Sacramento from Berkeley

2) Day of Action/Week of action/Strategy – logistics/messaging
New York made call to do March 1st Day of Action
South CA – There is frustration of being left out down south LA/Irvine/Riverside/ –
Call for trade unions/
Jan 3rd Occupy movement – AFT in SF
Occupy SF – proposal to join call for action for March 1st
UC Davis – Communication is a problem they are addressing by creating online site for coordination
Berkeley City College – March 5th not limited to education
CUE/IBT – smaller actions leading up to March
SFLC – Statewide call and National call do not have to be identical
We can’t wait until January
Call – Cuts on Education and Social Services
SFSU – we need to move to plan on successful march actions
Berkeley – Berkeley High students march/ Oakland students march
Education/health care/ homes/ environmental plank
City College – Defend marching on Capitol
Endorse NY call!
We can’t have a laundry list of Calls
Trigger cuts will devastate Community Colleges – We need to go outside of education in our call
Occupy Stanford – we need to coordinate with South CA
We need specific demands on no fee hikes
Proposal to Support the sense of NY call to support a National Call (PASSED – Unanimous)

3) Coordination – How will this be coordinated?
Form coordinating committee to be people from each Sector
Encourage regional coordination – East Bay/SF/San Jose
Need coordinating committee for spreading organization across the state
Each Sector has its own group for coordination
We need these big meetings to meet (every 2 weeks here)
Make proposals instead of call –
Planning Statewide meeting in January – Refund CA
Cal Coordinating group (flow of info) to set up regional committees SF/East Bay/ San Jose/Sacramento
Regional Committee (cross sectoral) – periodic meetings of the whole
State-wide- Conference calls
Vote on Occupy Education California Communications proposal (PASSED- Unanimous)
Proposal for Nor Cal. Coordinating Committee / organize meetings/ distribute information/ assure we have meetings (all in favor of) (PASSED – Unanimous)
Regional organizing – do we determine them now? Work regionally vs sectorally
Encourage regional organizing but no actual committees formed (Most PASSED – one NO)

4) Workgroups –

* Research
* Democratizing Education
* Taxation/trigger cuts

* internal
* external

* Day-of-action
* March to Sac.

* Labor
* Community
* Occupy
* Schools – pre-K -12

Each group should adopt a statement of purpose/description (e-mailed to Communications team) and 2 facilitators

Voted on and PASSED unananimously

Next meeting – January 7th – 12 noon – UAW 2865 office
Coordinating Committee Conference call – Dec. 29th 5pm Thursday

Minutes provided by Andrew Libson
{minor corrections by Stardust}

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